Khang Ju (Minced porkball soup)

1. Beat two eggs and fry. Set aside.
2. Boil water. Add all-in-one seasoning to taste.
3. Use spoon to form minced pork into pork balls. Place in boiling water.
4. Add sliced egg tofu.
5. Add a bit of fish sauce.
6. Add cabbage, spring onion and chinese celery (the one with larger leaves). Boil till pork ball rises.
7. Garnish soup with celery and cut up fried eggs.

Note: Fried eggs are optional. The boys didn't like the soup with fried eggs, so I had to remove them from the soup. This is an easy soup to cook, done in 20 min or so. Perfect for a rushed dinner. Pork can be replaced with other meat.

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